The 16th International Business and Economy Conference

Referred Submissions

You are invited to submit either an Extended Abstract or a Completed Manuscript of research papers or teaching case studies for presentation at the conference.

Extended abstracts: A submission should explicitly contain: 1. Background & Problem Statement; 2. Objectives; 3. Methods/Procedures; 4. [Expected or Preliminary] Results; and 5. References. Extended abstracts between 3 to 5 pages are preferred.

Complete papers: No specific structure is required for complete papers. We strongly recommend complete papers not to exceed 12 pages. Formatting guidelines for either extended abstracts or complete papers in MS Word format are providedLaTex proceedings template is also available (© Manuel Kleinknecht).

Proposals should be written in English. Submissions will be peer reviewed, acceptance being based on quality and relevance. Decision notifications will be sent to authors by July 15th (for early submissions) and September 30th (for regular submissions).

Authors of accepted proposals will have up to 30 minutes (Q&A included) to present their topic in the conference.

Submissions should be done via the conference web site. To submit, you also need to “Register for IBEC 2017” on the website. In case you have problems registering, email your proposal to to Conference Chair Carlos Trejo-Pech []. Within two days of submission you will be contacted to acknowledge your submission. If you do not hear from IBEC after two days, contact the editor-in-chief or any of the editors.

Conference Proceedings

Accepted papers and cases presented in the conference will be published online, at the discretion of authors, in the Social Science Research Network [Conference proceedings with the U.S. Library of Congress, ISSN 1537-2316]. Proceedings will be published after the conference. Authors retain copyright of their works. Papers presented in Bangkok (2015) and Germany (2016) are posted in [Research network: Management/Conference and Meetings].

When submitting your proposal for the conference closely follow the proceedings guidelines.

Awards and Journal Related to the Conference

Best paper awards will be given to competitive papers upon the recommendation of Editors. Around five best paper awards – best in several disciplines – are given every year.

Outstanding Award Papers may be considered for publication in a journal. Award papers from IBEC China 2014 were published in the Journal of International Business and Economy (JIBE), ISSN 1527-8603. Vol 15(1) Summer 2014. JIBE is published by San Francisco State University and The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies. Selected award papers from IBEC Bangkok 2015 were published in Contaduría y Administración (C&A), ISSN 0186- 1042. C&A is a Scopus journal published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).