The 17th International Business and Economy Conference

Hands-on Workshop on Learning fuzzy-set

Instructor: Arch G. Woodside, Professor of Marketing, Curtin University, Perth

Date: Thursday, January, 4th, prior to the conference

Hands-on workshop in how-to-use fsQCA software and constructing/test marketing models using algorithms—Breaking the death-grip of null hypothesis statistical testing (NHST) and embracing
somewhat precise outcome testing (SPOT)


  • Learn how to calibrate (convert) values in variables into membership scores
  • Learn how to test a priori model propositions for accuracy and coverage using fsQCA
  • Learn how to analyze (create and test) for alternative models that achieve high accuracy in predicting outcomes
  • Learn how to create visuals of theoretical models using Venn diagrams
  • Learn how to use the free software for algorithm model building and testing (available at
  • Learn how to test for the predictive validity of your highly accurate models on additional sets of data—you can generalize sample findings to populations in case study research not only generalizing to theory
  • Learn why and how to replace NHST with SPOT and to use consistency indexes rather than reporting p < .05 and p < .01 significance levels (reporting p-values is banned now in article accepted for publication in the Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology
  • Learn writing an article for acceptance by A*, A, B, and C journals (ABCD journal rankings)
  • Learn how to use complexity theory tenets as the foundational propositions in your theory
  • At the workshop participants receive workbook of PPT slides, readings, and data file exercises and electronic copies of two books:
    * Free copy of Arch G. Woodside (2017), The Complexity Turn: Cultural, Management, and Marketing Applications, Berlin: Springer (255 pages)
    * Arch G. Woodside (2010) (1st Edition), Case Study Research: Theory, Methods, Practice Bingley, UK: Emerald (440 pages); second edition has been published.
    * Participants receive up-to-half day individual gratis consultations on their research projects: design, data analysis, writing, paper review, and submission suggestions from Arch G. Woodside via Skype

Admission, equipment, and fee requirements

* Workshop participants need to be delegates at the IBEC 2018. Workshop participants need to bring pc laptop (not an Apple laptop) to the sessions

* Preconference homework assignment: Workshop participants are requested to read the following article before the session: Arch G. Woodside (2014), Embrace•perform•model: Complexity theory, contrarian case analysis, and multiple realities, Journal of Business Research, 67, 2495, 2503. Available at

* There is a $30 fee which includes lunch.