The 13th International Business and Economy Conference

Proceedings Instructions


Referred Submissions

You are invited to submit either an Extended Abstract or a Completed Manuscript of research papers or teaching case studies for presentation at the conference. An extended abstract should contain:

  • Background & Problem Statement,
  • Objectives,
  • Methods / Procedures, and
  • [Expected or Preliminary] Results & Conclusions.  No specific format is provided for complete papers.

Proposals should be written in English or Spanish  (refer to the Spanish section for details).

Submissions will be dual-blind reviewed, acceptance being based on quality and relevance. Reviews are estimated to be sent within 30 days of submission. Authors of accepted proposals will have up to 30 minutes (Q&A included) to present in the conference. Proposals should be submitted via the conference web site. To submit,  please Register for IBEC 2014 at the website. Please contact Dr. Tomas Kincl [] if you have any questions about submission or deadline.

Proposals in Spanish

Proposals written in Spanish or French will be accepted for review.  All proposals will also be subject to a dual-blind review process. Accepted papers written in Spanish  must be presented/discussed in English either by the author, a coauthor, or a colleague. Please contact Dr. Omar Rojas [] if you have any questions about submission or deadline.

Paper formatting guidelines

Please use Microsoft Word to prepare your paper. The text should be in single-column format, double-spaced, 11 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch or 2.5 centimeter margins. Please avoid double justification. Embed tables and figures in the manuscript in places that are near to the text that refers to them. All figures, tables or other artwork should be numbered consecutively.  Headers should be bold with empty line before. Number all headers consecutively.

First page of the text is the title page.  This page should contain the article title, author(s) names and affiliations, an abstract not exceeding 150 words, and a list of keywords. The title page could also contain related footnotes and acknowledgments.

Please use APA referencing style.


Best paper awards will be given to competitive papers upon the recommendation of reviewers. Up to 5 best paper awards–best in several disciplines- are given every year. Depending upon number of submissions by PhD students, one of the awards might be for this category. Outstanding Award Papers might be considered for publication into JIBE (Journal of International Business and Economy,, which has been recommended for inclusion in Cabell’s Directory. JIBE provides expedited review of those submissions presented at the conference.

Conference Proceedings

Accepted papers and cases presented in the conference will be published, at the discretion of authors, in the conference proceedings with the U.S. Library of Congress, ISSN1537-2316. Authors retain copyright of their works. Proceedings will be posted on the conference web site and published on CD. Only conference participants will have access to the conference proceeding in the website (For details on proceedings refer to “Proceedings Instructions” document posted in the “Conference Proceedings” section of the web site after the conference).

Journal Affiliation

full papers accepted under the dual blind review process that are presented at the annual conference may be submitted to The Journal of International Business and Economy (JIBE) for an expedited review consideration. The Journal is listed in Cabell’s Directory.